LAK.LA | ບິນໝູນ ເພີ້ດເພີນ360ອົງສາWifi Selfie Drone JJR/C - ລາຄາຂາຍ 700,000KIP
ບິນໝູນ ເພີ້ດເພີນ360ອົງສາWifi Selfie Drone JJR/C

ບິນໝູນ ເພີ້ດເພີນ360ອົງສາWifi Selfie Drone JJR/C

ລາຄາສົ່ງເສີມການຂາຍ: 689,000 KIP
ລາຄາຕົ້ນທຶນ: 700,000 KIP
ເລກລະຫັດ: 5538
ເວລາທີ່ໃຊ້: 14-10-2017
ຈຳນວນເຂົ້າຊົມເວບໄຊທ໌: 4392
ສະຖານທີ່: ໝົດທຸກແຂວງ

H37 Mini Baby ELFIE ດ້ວຍໂໝດG-sensor ຊ່ວຍໃຫ້ບັງຄັບການບິນໄດ້ຕາມການເຄື່ອນໄຫວຂອງໂທລະສັບ
ວັນທີຈົດທະບຽນ: 30-05-2014
ຜູ້ຕິດຕໍ່: ສົມຊາຍ ມາລາຈັນ
ມືຖື: 02059888188 WhatsApp +8562052227599
ທີ່ຢູ່: Phonpapao Village, Sisatanak District

JJR/C H37 Mini 6-Axis Gyro BABY ELFIE FPV WIFI Selfie Drone

(The phone and AAA batteries in the following pictures is not included)


Innovative selfie drone, 720P camera allows you to get great selfies effortlessly.

The aerial photography beaut y mode can make your photos and videos more beautiful and amazing!

With attractive headless mode, completely solving pilot loss-of-orientation problem.

3D flips with amazing agility provides a stunt aerial show.

2.4G grip control with gravity gesture control.

The G-sensor mode enables the small quadcopter to automatically follow the way you move your smartphone.

Wifi real-time transmission FPV system which can take photos and record videos for your great memory.

Built-in barometer with altitude hold function provides stable flight.


Brand Name JJR/C

Item Name H37 Mini Baby ELFIE

Built-in Gyro 6 Axis Gyro

Channel 4CH

Remote Control WiFi Remote Control / 2.4G Grip Controller

Material ABS & electric components

Functions Sideward flight/Turn left/right,Up/down,Forward/backward/3D rollover/WIFI FPV/Gravity Sense Control/Headless Mode/Altitude Hold

Control Distance About 40m

Battery 3.7V 400mAh lipo battery

Flying Time 6-7mins

Charging Time about 60mins

Camera resolution 720P

Product weight 57g

Product size(folded) 11.3 * 5.7 * 3cm / 4.4 * 2.2 * 1.2in

Product size(unfolded) 13.5 * 11.3 * 3cm / 5.3 * 4.4 * 1.2in

There might be some deviation due to manual measurement.


The phone in the picture is not included.

This RC model is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14 years old.

Carefully read the instruction before any use, if you are a beginner, it's advisable to be assisted by an experienced adult.

Package information

Package size 22 * 13.5 * 9cm / 8.7 * 5.3 * 3.5in

Package weight 325g / 11.5oz

Gift box package

Package list

1 * JJR/C H37 Mini Quadcopter (built-in 720P camera)

1 * Remote Controller

1 * 3.7V 400mAh Li-Po Battery

1 * Handbag

1 * USB Charging Cable

4 * Spare Propeller

1 * Rubber Pad Set

1 * English Manual

60,000 KIP
70,000 KIP
6,800,000 KIP
7,000,000 KIP
99,000 KIP
100,000 KIP
290,000 KIP
295,000 KIP
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